So on the outside it looks like you have everything – the job, the car, a beautiful place to live, a great family & a bundle of great friends…….. Your friends and family see you as the happy one who has ‘it all’, but in your world, it is a very different story, instead it’s a world of doubt, worry, anxiety, and fear.

You have been feeling stuck for a few months now, even longer. You just don’t feel happy and all you want is to have a relaxed mind and to feel at peace again, without having aimless thoughts racing through your head. You want to talk to someone but you feel afraid to take that leap. ‘I’ll get through this myself’,’It’s not that bad’, are thoughts that go through your mind when you think of getting help. You say to yourself that when next month comes you will get some help , but you uttered those same words last month.

I have been in your shoes, and know exactly what you are going through. You have probably spent at least 15 years in formal education, learning the fundamentals of maths, science, history etc, but not once did you learn about the all important tools required for strength in mind, body and soul. Your health spans across all these three areas and these 3 areas need to be uber strong for you to be happy in life. For some bizarre reason, and of no fault of yours, you are not made aware of this, until you are presented with a challenge. You move through life, and when you are presented with that challenge (an illness, an accident, death of a loved one, a breakup or working in a job that burns your soul), you are struck to the floor in a downward spiral of negative thoughts, lacking in energy and motivation, not knowing how to move forward again. Or perhaps you never had any particular event in your life that caused you to feel how you feel right now. Perhaps you have no idea why you are feeling this way and that is ok.

I know that for you, a relaxed mind and more energy feel so far away. And, if you’re honest you’ll admit that at this point, you’re absolutely exhausted and don’t know what to do.

Through coaching with me, you will have a supportive and non-judgmental space to express all your feelings and thoughts that you have kept inside for so long. You will also be supported in your goal setting which will be aligned with your core values moving you to the results that you wantLet’s start your journey together.



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" No matter what your age, past or present situation, you can do and be anything you want to do and be, all it takes is a little support'.