It has now been two years since I first met Fionnuala, and I couldn’t have anticipated then how far-reaching the impact of her coaching would be on my life. At that point I was extremely stressed out about many aspects of my life- I was unhealthy, worried about money and in a job I was unfulfilled by. I felt incredibly trapped, my self-esteem was at zero, and I could not see a way forward for myself. In our first session Fionnuala was warm and reassuring, and over the course of our sessions together, she helped me see not only the multitude of possibilities that lay open to me but also gave me a number of strategies to go after them. Mostly, she fostered in me a sense of self-belief for which I will be eternally grateful, and showed me that the power to change my life was at my fingertips, that it wasn’t terrifying but hugely exciting. Fast forward two years and I have left the relationship that was draining me, I now work freelance while travelling the world, am building my own business and I never worry about money. I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. The coaching sessions with Fionnuala were the start of a life change that I never dreamed possible, and the opening up of a world of self-fulfilment and adventure that I would never have believed were in my grasp. If you’re thinking about it, go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Caitriona, Dublin

“Fionnuala Wall is an amazing lady. She helped me undergo a major transformation in many areas of my life, my health, my career and my inner self. With her support, encouragement and practical tools she has helped me turn my dreams into plans of action and because of her guidance I have learned to silence that inner self doubt and just go for it. Fionnuala’s coaching helped me see the possibilities I have before me, built my confidence to achieve them and helped me reassess my perceptions of where I am and where I am going.  I am now a morning jogger, a public speaker and in hot pursuit of my dream job.  Fionnuala made me realise that I am in control of my life and nothing is too much of a challenge. I am now in a habit of constantly achieving goals and setting myself new challenges to overcome, things I never dreamed were possible! I am eternally grateful to Fionnuala for restoring my confidence in myself”

Lorna Clancy, Radio Presenter and PA, Dublin, Ireland

“Coaching with Fionnuala was such a wonderful and productive experience. Fionnuala gave me the boost I needed to become more pro active, confident & assertive. Following each session I was given the inspiration & motivation to accomplish various tasks which helped to enhance both my personal & professional life. Under her guidance I have achieved more than I taught possible & am incredibly grateful for her service.”

Ann-Marie Brennan, International Egyptian Folklore Dancer, Dublin, Ireland

“I never heard about Life Coaching before​. ​I read about life coaching and browsed Fionnuala’s website. ​I really didn’t like​​ my job​, felt a lack of motivation ​and ​a ​sense of boredom. I made an appointment to meet Fionnuala. On this particular day, I was so nervous and anxious. Looking back now, Im so glad I did, I realized that the patterns of behaviour that affected my professional life were similar patterns that affected my personal life. Fionnuala was my inspiration to change my career. I am back in college, studying for my dream job. Before I met Fionnuala, I never thought I could do this and return to college again. Her skills and guidance helped me find the job I love and ​to ​overcome my fears. In times of doubt, she supported me, encouraged me, believed in me and gave me strength. I am so much happier with all aspects of my life. I can’t thank Fionnuala enough, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend Fionnuala as a Life Coach. She’s truly amazing.”

Anonymous, Dublin, Ireland

“I worked with Fionnuala on developing a new business project. Fionnuala’s input was amazing, she kept me grounded, gave me lots of sound advice and was very intuitive to what I needed. Every week I could feel how much I was developing, that there was motion within myself and the project. Fionnuala shared information around lots of resources I could use to strengthen my business & my self belief. I felt very comfortable with our sessions & could be completely honest with her around the struggles and barriers I was meeting which were mostly within myself.   Fionnuala’s coaching services are amazing, she is a very warm, kind and intuitive person, with excellent coaching skills, keeping the focus targeted, setting goals and always in motion. I launched my project this week & it was thanks to working in partnership with Fionnnuala. I would highly recommend Fionnuala’s coaching.
Note: previous to this I would have felt that there may be a loss of quality with working over distance (skype), however this was not the case, if anything we utilised the time slot to it’s absolute maximum.”

Ann, Cork, Ireland